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Provisori - smart marketing mobile app

Promoting one's business is good. Doing it well is better. By joining Provisori, you embark on a mobile application used by thousands of players. These last ones, taking part in a big game of daily enigmas invented by our team, discover who you are and what you have to offer while having fun. By bringing a few prizes into play in our app, you integrate a powerful community of more than 20 partners and 10,000 players who become your new allies and potential customers.


MagicDot- mobile app for collective enrichment

Created from A to Z by our digital explorers, this free mobile application allows you to play and to earn money every month. At the same time, each player contributes to the collective enrichment of the community. Will you be up to it?


Academic world - a game to make scientific research progress

Also useful in the context of academic projects, our expertise has helped to support neuroscientists at the University of Geneva. Created to study neural activity and participants reactions as part of an experiment, this game helps to consolidate the link between digital innovation and academic research.


Enhanced Coach - an app to win everything

Elite sport requires a finely crafted tactical and strategic approach. Especially in team sports. In this context, the datas and informations essential to assimilate and analyze by the coach are considerable. Our mobile application allows you to manage these streams to be above the fray.

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Need an app?

A successful mobile application must be made to measure. By adapting to your wishes, needs and customers or users, we create your digital product to allow you to exceed your expectations and objectives. Hyper connected, our era is that of smartphones and mobile applications. Do not stay out of this paradigm.

No website yet?

With many tools and platforms offering you "to do everything in a few clicks", it is not always easy to know who to contact to give birth to his/her website. True pillar of your digital presence, your website must meet the expectations of your audience and propel you to the front of the digital scene. We gladly bring you to this place.

Draw attention

In the digital jungle, everyone screams to be heard. In this agitation, some stand out from the crowd while remaining calm. Here is our conception of a good promotion. Our smart marketing tools and products put you above the fray.

Complete strategy

Powerful and infinite, the power of digital tools can take you far, very far. By defining the foundations of your project, we want to show you that it is possible to reach dizzying heights by thinking about all the details. Let's put your project into orbit.

Our skills

icone iphoneicone AndroidMobile apps

Composed of code experts, our team of apps developers prioritize the expectations and needs of key people: users. Mobile apps developpemnt engineers, our partners are a sure value who code iOS and Android applications infallibly.

iconeBusiness partnerships and communication

To grow, economic actors have an interest in acting together. After completing his Master's degree in Communication and Philosophy, Thomas Pfefferlé obtained his press card working as a journalist. A strategic positioning that allows him to connect the right people and to design and produce relevant content with high added value.

iconeGraphics and design

A good digital product is also and above all a beautiful, stylish, useful and effective product. Able to imagine the visual and graphic world of an app and a website, to produce industrial concepts and plans with impeccable design, to create impressive paintings or comic strips noticed in book stores, Steve Egger is both a graphic artist and an artist. He holds two CFCs.


Expert in the many programming languages that exist, our web developer has also offered himself the luxury of pushing his training to the PhD in the field of neuroscience. An atypical profile, which allows David Framorando to understand how to optimize the interaction between the man and the machine, between the user and the website.

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